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From director Erica Jordan, Seeing Slavery provides unprecedented access to intimate images and stories of survivors of slavery and those currently enslaved, unraveling the unseen worlds of human trafficking, forced labor, and prostitution with brutal candor.


We follow the eye of the camera through the prolific images of humanitarian photographer, Lisa Kristine, while hearing the poignant voices of those enslaved and freed. Kristine’s photographs bring into focus the suffering, beauty, compassion—and above all—the dignity of women, children and men, both enslaved and free. The viewer witnesses the courage Kristine summons to enter danger zones around the world and shed light on the unseen issue of slavery, leading the way to end the violence of slavery and advance peace


The film leaves one with a haunting impression of the experiences endured by those living in slavery, while relaying a message of hope that with greater awareness and effort slavery may one day be stopped. Ending slavery is a modern-day movement; it rises from those who have suffered themselves and now come forward to rescue the silenced.




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